A Fairhaven resident needs to get a sailboat off her hands and the asking price is free — but there's a catch.

Merry Lodge posted a sailboat built in 1975 to Facebook Marketplace. She originally had it listed with an asking price of $1,000 but recently brought that price all the way down to zero ... if you pick up the boat from the yard in Wareham.

The boat itself hasn't touched water since 2021 and clearly needs some love and sprucing up. Someone who has a knack for being a fixer-upper would love this summer project.

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An online search shows these types of sailboats from the same year are going for as cheap as $2,500 all the way up to $10,500.

The sailboat is an O'Day 25, with 25 being the number of feet the boat is long.

So, why is Lodge trying to get this functioning sailboat off her hands so badly?  While the boat was handed down to her from her dad, who passed away, she never really took up sailing herself. The boat is being stored at a friend's house and it's time to see this sea-worthy boat in the hands of someone who will put it to good use.

"Thought I’d learn to sail," Lodge said. "It’s much harder than I thought and I’m just not going to put in the time to learn. I’m more of a kayaker."

Lodge is looking to get the boat off her hands as soon as possible. If you have the means to pick it up and show it some love before the summer months, it's apparently yours.

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