Wareham Police have recovered more than $10,000 worth of personal items stolen from a storage unit last Sunday, including a rifle and a shotgun.

Police began an investigation and over the next four days, recovered the stolen items at various locations including the firearms, and arrested six suspects.

All face a variety of charges, including breaking and entering, carrying a firearm without a license, and drug possession.

The suspects are Identified as 34 year old Luis Gonzalez Jr. of Buzzards Bay, and 35 year old Michael Enos of Bourne.  Also charged were 29 year old Nichole Spillane, 34 year old Ian Quinn, 34 year old Melissa Ravida and 36 year old Michael Ravida, all of Wareham.

Wareham Police Chief Kevin Walsh said he could not be more proud of the efforts of his detectives.  "The recovery of firearms that, in the wrong hands, could result in catastrophic circumstances, is so important in today’s world. The recovery of all the personal property just made the results of the case even better," said the Chief.

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