Better grab back that Nobel Peace Prize and remove the presidential portrait, as the Fresh Prince of Chicago has admitted that he was a "thug" in school where he drank to excess and consumed illegal drugs, too.

That's right folks, The Daily Wire reports Barack Obama likes beer and drank lots of it while a student. A 2001 biographical interview conducted by The History Makers presents then-Illinois State Senator Barack Obama confessing to being a baaaad boy. Obama admitted to consuming as much as a "six pack an hour before going back to class." Whoa!

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Many on the left have tried to convince us that alleged heavy drinking on the part of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh made him a horny little booger with a poor temperament who was prone to farting and ralphing, qualities that certainly should keep him from serving. Obama's school years resumé might make some of those Democrats ralph.

The reality is that many young people like to party. They burn off energy that way. I did, and you probably did, too. But it doesn't make them sexual predators. It simply makes them kids.

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Both Barack Obama and Judge Kavanaugh grew out of their partying stage, as most of us do, and went on to have families and very distinguished careers. It's too bad that some would attempt to mischaracterize one man's youthful behavior while giving another a pass.

Last time I checked, liking beer and blowing off steam as a youngster does not make one a sexual predator. Nor should it disqualify someone from serving on the Supreme Court or the White House.

Time to move on.

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