Photo by Darren Hauck/Getty Images

For many, Monday night's first presidential debate could be critical in helping them to decide who they will vote for in November.

For people like myself who have know for a while which candidate they support for President it seems odd that there are some who have yet to decide.  Hey, this is the most important national election in my lifetime so feel free to take your time.  I would rather have someone wrestling with their choice than voting for someone based solely upon their party affiliation.  There will be enough of that.

In watching the debate tonight there are a few things to consider.  Ignore each candidate's idiosyncrasies, we all know that they are both a bit strange to one extent or another.  I suppose anyone with an ego large enough to believe that he or she should be made the most powerful person on the planet marches to a different drummer than the rest of us anyway, no?  I mean seriously, do you think you could handle all of that? I know I couldn't.  You have to admire anyone who rises to that level.

Decide which candidate addresses the issues you care most about, whether it be national security, the economy, taxes, refugees, etc...  You will never find an exact match on all issues but keep a scorecard and give points to the one who comes closest to your beliefs.  Almost three-quarters of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction.  What changes are needed to get us back on track?  Decide which candidate articulates the best plan to  get us there.  Who do you think is best suited to select potentially as many as two Supreme Court Justices? There are many issues facing our nation in the years to come that the next President must confront.

If you haven't made up your mind you still have time, but not much.  The election is just over a month away.

If I can give you any advise at all it would to be turn off the national news media and watch the debate on C-SPAN.  Do not let the talking heads at the biased news organizations sway you before or after the debate.  You are intelligent enough to decipher what you hear and see on your own without some inside the beltway analyst telling you what to think.  Most importantly, enjoy the thing and take pride in that we are allowed the right to free discussion, free thinking and free expression of choice when electing our leaders.

Enjoy the debate!