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Trump Wins The First Debate and Here is Why [VIDEO]
Donald Trump is the winner of the first presidential debate simply by surviving.  Hillary Clinton was expected by many to deliver a fatal knock out blow to Trump, or at least deliver a few body slams, but was unable to.  By virtue of that failure Clinton actually lost the debate...
The First Presidential Debate Is Upon Us - Richard
For many, Monday night's first presidential debate could be critical in helping them to decide who they will vote for in November.
For people like myself who have know for a while which candidate they support for President it seems odd that there are some who have yet to decide.  H...
What Are The Rules For Presidential Debates?
The Presidential debates are over, but it was fun to read some of the rules. There was a 21-page memo that laid out how the debates were to be run, covering everything from the size of the parking lots to the temperature in the auditorium.
Debate Highlights
The third and final debate in the Presidential election was held last night at Lynn University in Boca Raton Florida and focues on foreign policy issues.

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