(Photo by Barry Richard)

How ironic is it that the final presidential debate in the 2016 campaign will be held in Las Vegas?  Sin City!  A city that has hosted mob leaders, prize fights, atomic bomb tests and Elvis.  A place where dreamers gather with hopes of winning but often times come up short.  Wedding chapels offer new beginnings but wheels of fortune deliver harsh defeats.  Many futures have been made and destroyed in Las Vegas,  The appeal is overwhelming.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton going toe to toe at the famed MGM Grand is the stuff that legends are made of.   There can be only one winner.  There are no ties here. Most odds makers believe the debate winner will win the election on November 8th.

It is our fervent hope and expectation that the debate moderator, FOX News Host Chris Wallace, will ask pertinent and relevant questions and will give the candidates ample time to answer those questions.  Wallace should also give the candidates a chance to mix it up a bit and encourage both to stay close to the issue at hand.

The people deserve better than the first two debates where issues were often left on the side in favor of peripheral matters that turn this most important election into nothing more than a sideshow.

WBSM will provide live coverage of the debate beginning at 9pm on Wednesday evening.