Democrat presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren scolded the audience for chuckling at her health care plan and then told the world that she'd seen "cages of babies" on the southern border with Mexico. Cages of them!

Warren repeated her call for a single-payer health care system and for decriminalizing illegal border crossings. And thus another round of Democrat debates was underway.

Warren and avowed Social Democrat Bernie Sanders–you know, the guy with three large homes and a fat bank account–battled it out for the title "looniest leftie." Warren, also a financial fat cat, chided those candidates who dared to drift to the center in order to try and save the party from evisceration at the hands of Donald Trump next year.

“I get it there is a lot at stake and people are scared,” Warren said. “But we can’t choose a candidate we don’t believe in just because we are scared.”

Most of what was presented last night in the first of two debates this week on CNN was a predictable and tired presentation. Ten white extreme leftists lecturing the rest of us on racism. That's the party of inclusion for you.

Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate In Detroit Over Two Nights
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One moment that stuck out was when Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) either refused or forgot to place his hand over his heart during the national anthem. Either way, it speaks volumes about Ryan.

Ryan seemed to have his own "go back" moment too, by suggesting that the illegal immigrants that are crashing our borders might be better off staying at home.

"Why are these people migrating to the United States? Because gangs are running Honduras and Guatemala and El Salvador," he said. "So a real president would say, 'Let's get to the root of the problem, let's fix it so these people can stay in their own homes in Central America.'"

If that wasn't enough fun, there will be a second debate tonight featuring 10 more Democrats, including Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. We must have done something pretty awful in a previous life to have to endure this kind of punishment. Watching the Red Sox slide down the tube might be more entertaining.

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