When you do good things, good things come to you, and one Taunton boy learned the value of kindness when a Target employee helped him pay his bill when he was counting out coins on Tuesday.

Niki Balmain Lherisse lived in Taunton her entire life. She attended school there alongside her two brothers who became Taunton police officers, but she decided to move away 17 years ago to Florida with her husband and three children. Her entire family still resides in the area and she likes to visit frequently, but this most recent trip was special.

“We haven’t seen my family in almost two years now due to COVID and it’s been really a tough couple years,” Lherisse said.

Her son wanted to make a stop at Target to get himself a new toy and his grandmother a nice gift, picking out a candle, gift bag, and card for her. The only money her son had, however, was a handful of coins.

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The pair decided to use the self-checkout line to save a cashier the hassle. Lherisse’s son counted his money, coin by coin by coin. That’s when a target cashier walked over to them.

“The employee handed my son three $5 bills, which was the amount left to pay, and said it was for my son. I was shocked and tried to find out who we could thank, but the person was already gone,” Lherisse said.

Her son was so appreciative that he turned around and yelled, “What a blessing!”

This feel-good story isn’t really about the money. It’s about generosity and kindness, and a warm moment that shows just why Lherisse loves Taunton so much.

“It was a blessing because it was the kindness of a stranger showing my son the goodness in our world – and for me, the comforts of home,” Lherisse said. “It doesn’t matter how far away I go or how things change, Taunton will always be where I belong.”

The Taunton Target employee did not stick around to receive praise. Their only motive was to make life a little easier for the mother and son, but Lherisse would love for the chance to personally thank them for their kind heart.

If you were that Target employee and you’re reading this, Niki Lherisse has a message for you: thank you for spreading kindness.

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