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Proud Democrat?
Less than 100 yards into my four mile Sunday morning walk I passed an SUV with a window sticker that boasted, "PROUD DEMOCRAT."  Really?  Proud why?  Of what?  Of who? The Democrat Party is in such disarray at all levels.  It is hard to believe anyone would want to brag about being a member let alone a proud member...
Alien Criminals Go Free
Were you aware that criminals who were supposed to be deported back to where they came from were instead let free to commit new crimes including murder, rape and child molestation? Of course you weren't! That's because ICE, under the Obama Administration, maintain this kind of information is private and that the courts have ruled that the government cannot jail these wonderful folks indefinitely..
American POW’s Still Held [VIDEO]
As Memorial Day 2016 passes, it joins the other 43 Memorial Days our government has left behind POW's in Vietnam, according to our friend and Friday morning contributor, former U.S. Congressman John LeBoutillier. On Sunday, John was part of a group of distinguished speakers addressing 300,000 Rolling Thunder participants in our nation's capitol...
Ryan Elected Speaker
New Speaker Paul Ryan says the House is broken. After accepting the Speaker's gavel, the Wisconsin Republican noted bitter partisan rancor and said it is time to "wipe the slate clean." Ryan urged Republicans and Democrats to "pray for each other...

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