U.S. Congress

Nobody is listening to your calls
President Obama insists classified intelligence gathering has been fully authorized by Congress. 
In a news conference in San Jose, Obama said, quote,  "Nobody is listening to your telephone calls." 
He was asked to respond to reports of widespread Internet and phone d…
Disposal of Nuclear Fuel
Attorney General Martha Coakley and state Senate President Therese Murray are calling on Congress to address a longstanding problem of what to do with the spent fuel at commercial nuclear power plants.
Coakley and Murray last week sent a letter to members of Congress urging passage of a bill establis…
Sheriff Hodgson Unhappy With Immigration Bill
Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson is not a big fan of the latest Immigration Reform bill making its way through Congress, even after attending a White House briefing Tuesday for law enforcement personnel. 
Hodgson tells WBSM News, there's too much emphasis on creating new citizens, and not…
Mitchell Urges Long-Range Planning For Fishing Industry
New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell and Congressman William Keating heard from members of the Mayor's Task Force on Oceans and Fisheries, during a forum Monday at the Whaling Museum. 
Mayor Mitchell says the industry has spent the last few years reacting to actions by federal regulators. 
State of the Union
President Obama is citing steady progress after the "grueling" recession.  In the annual State of the Union address, the President said there is still much work to do to prompt a more robust recovery.
Massachusetts Mayors Call For Common Sense Gun Reforms
Massachusetts Mayors, led by Boston Mayor Tom Menino, called on the Federal Government to adopt "common sense" gun reforms.  New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell was among the speakers Thursday during a Boston news conference.  Mitchell says the Mayor's group wants Congres…
Barney Frank Set To Take His Act On The Road
Barney Frank says he's ready to leave Congress and start a new phase of his life.  The Massachusetts Democrat announced his retirement earlier this year.  In an interview that appeared in Friday's Boston Globe, the paper said Frank is transferring his liberal ideas from the halls…