Were you aware that criminals who were supposed to be deported back to where they came from were instead let free to commit new crimes including murder, rape and child molestation? Of course you weren't! That's because ICE, under the Obama Administration, maintain this kind of information is private and that the courts have ruled that the government cannot jail these wonderful folks indefinitely. If immigration officials can't deport them within six months, they are set free to reoffend!

If it wasn't for a Maria Sacchetti Boston Globe article on June 4, 2016, we wouldn't have known that the feds are secretly releasing criminals from other countries, many here illegally! New England has had quite a few releases. The sad part is the Globe had to sue the government in order to get public records that ICE says is regarded as private information! You mean to say we have to sue in order to get names of these criminals that federal officials said posed "little threat" to the public? When ICE appeared before Congress recently, they said reoffenders were "rare" and less than 10 per cent. What BS! Thanks to the public records, the honest figure is that at least one third reoffend, and they've only begun to scratch the surface.

These criminals, many here illegally, have more damn power than law abiding citizens who pay for this government to operate! Five released alien criminals registered to vote in Massachusetts! That means they were put in the jury pool. Some are child molesters that need to be on a neighborhood and state watch list. This is unbelievable! We the people hardly ever learn about the feds' decisions to release alien criminals until something goes wrong - because immigration is the only agency that's allowed to keep such public records secret! And worst still, it's likely that these things will continue with a democrat president!