As Memorial Day 2016 passes, it joins the other 43 Memorial Days our government has left behind POW's in Vietnam, according to our friend and Friday morning contributor, former U.S. Congressman John LeBoutillier. On Sunday, John was part of a group of distinguished speakers addressing 300,000 Rolling Thunder participants in our nation's capitol.

No one knows better than John LeBoutillier about the ongoing national disgrace where about 250 POW's are still being held against their will. No one else is reminding us of this American dishonor! Eight different presidential administrations have done zilch to take any action to free our imprisoned service men. As a former member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, LeBoutillier had access to - and studied old classified intelligence reports.  He also served on the Special House POW/MIA Task Force. To this day, our government is unwilling to admit there are still POW's in Southeast Asia. Click on the link provided. If we owe those forgotten Americans, then I implore you to listen to his speech.

Freeing the POW's is the mission of Rolling Thunder. And the mission of every American citizen should be to have their backs.

Watch the speech starting at 18:53 and ending at 29:10.

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