WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Representative Bill Keating (D-MA 9th District) has joined the eight other members of Massachusetts’ congressional delegation in favor of beginning impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.

The Congressman posted a video statement to Facebook and Twitter on Thursday, saying “the Mueller report reveals several instances of obstruction of justice, certainly enough to move forward with an impeachment investigation. Indeed, if that vote were today I’d support it.”

“The Mueller report left too many unanswered questions. Issues of criminal fraud, money laundering, and violations of the Emoluments Clause in self-enrichment - issues that deal with basic core of our Constitution. The way the Trump Administration has been stonewalling Congress and avoiding subpoenas. Those issues should be addressed by the courts so that this administration and following administrations can never do this again,” Congressman Keating said in the video statement.

A majority of House Democrats have already been calling for an impeachment of President Trump.  Representatives Richard Neal and Stephen Lynch are the only congressional delegates from Massachusetts that have yet to publicly support the move.

“The public deserves to know in a very transparent and comprehensive way as much as we can because these are issues that will mark this administration and others to follow.”

Keating says the Mueller report shows “several” instances of obstruction of justice by the Trump Administration. In the Facebook post sharing the same video, Keating said while he supports the Judiciary Committee’s impeachment investigation, it should not interfere with the number of other investigations into the President launched by Congress.

“Importantly, while I support the Judiciary Committee’s impeachment investigation, it must not preempt or interfere with the investigations of the five other committees pursuing these serious issues,” Keating wrote.

“Americans deserve as much of a public, comprehensive disclosure of facts as the House is able to provide with its oversight responsibility.”

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