Although we may not be fans of rainy weather, it's hard not to love the blooming flowers that come afterward, especially picking our own to bring home.

Tulip farms, in particular, are like hidden treasures.

While your local grocery store or flower stand may suffice, they can't match the thrill of creating a personalized bouquet from a real tulip farm.

Wicked Tulips Flower Farm Facebook
Wicked Tulips Flower Farm Facebook

Wicked Tulips Flower Farm

Wicked Tulips in Exeter, Rhode Island is currently open for "U-Pick" tulips. You can stroll through the large field filled with 50-plus varieties of colorful tulips, picking your favorites to take home.

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As exciting as this sounds, the experience lasts only a few weeks in April and May. The bloomed flowers depend on the weather, making blooming predictions challenging.

Wicked Tulips Farm Facebook
Wicked Tulips Farm Facebook

Wicked Tulips website shows the farm is up and running and ready for visitors. Tickets are required for the U-Pick experience, which allows you to pick 10 tulips per ticket.

Golden Hour Tulips Farm

If you're not familiar with Golden Hour Tulips, it's one of the biggest tulip farms in New England, located in Berkley, Massachusetts.

Established in 2020, it has since grown into one of the region's largest tulip farms.

Spanning 20,000 acres, it grows over 300,000 tulips, all ready for visitors during this season's U-Pick event. Tickets are also required and can be purchased through Golden Hours Tulips' website.

Tulip season does go by quickly, so now is the perfect time to witness the farms in full bloom.

However, before heading out to the farms, you are encouraged to bring your own basket or bucket. This will help make your experience easier with friends and family and avoid long lines.

As always, be careful of where you walk and be respectful of the farm grounds as you explore.

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