It's been about a year since we first told you about the magical troll art coming to Rhode Island. Now, the wait to see it is almost over.

Danish recycling artist Thomas Dambo is in South County, Rhode Island, building his first of two towering trolls in Ninigret Park and fans are getting excited for the big reveal.

It's pretty hard to hide trolls this big, which is why early photos of the artwork under construction are already out there.

Locals volunteering to help with the building process couldn't help but show off the incredible work they're doing and we're pretty happy to have them share the developments with us.

From the photos above, it's easy to see exactly where this big guy is going.

The first of Dambo's two newest trolls will lounge in some trees by Little Nini Pond, so folks sitting at the beach in the summer can see this giant art piece while soaking up some sun.

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Dambo says getting to the second troll will take a little more work. That one will be built farther into the woods behind the pond, accessible from nature trails and surrounded by a circle of stones that visitors will be able to climb.

Both trolls are still being built, but Dambo fans on Facebook seem to think they will both be ready for viewing in the next week or so.

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These two trolls are just the start of Dambo's Rhode Island series that he is dubbing "The Thunderstone." The first two in Ninigret Park will be joined by four or five more Thunderstone trolls in various Rhode Island locations by 2025.

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