Viewers online are getting a kick out of a Rhode Island teen who made one of the most relatable Dunkin' jokes out there.

It may not have been the best-timed joke, mind you, but perhaps that is why people love this news clip so much that broadcasters across the country have been sharing it for the past week.

Back on April 23, a young driver with a learner's permit crashed an SUV through the side of a Dunkin' in Cranston, Rhode Island. Typically, this wouldn't make national news, but one comment on the crash that made this incident go viral.

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Brian Haibom's mother works at the Dunkin' damaged in the crash. He happened to be on the scene when the incident occurred and told local news station WPRI 12 that he was glad his mom wasn't hurt.

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Then, he added this:

Haibom's last little comment, "America doesn't just run on Dunkin', cars do, too," cracked people up.

Since originally being posted, the video has been viewed nearly 7 million times, re-shared thousands of times and used in countless news broadcasts nationwide.

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Haibom making light of the crash, while using Dunkin's tagline to do so, seems like such a classic New England comment. It's probably something we've all used as a joke more than once ourselves.

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