When Massachusetts Democrats met Saturday at their annual convention, one would expect the usual rancor of criticizing the Republican governor and castigating the most polarizing presidential challenger in modern history, Donald Trump. But another issue raised by U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren trumped the status-quo!

Sure, there was plenty of mauling and bashing of Trump. Every speaker came with plenty of ammo! And for those party loyalists who attended hoping to start developing a blueprint to bring down Charlie Baker, the most well liked governor in America, well, let's just say they were sent to the time-out section of the arena.

Extra, extra, hear all about the main attraction, Elizabeth Warren, raising eyebrows, anger and angst among many lifelong party faithful who've grown accustomed to the superdelegate process, that many Bernie Sanders supporters are calling a rigged system, and one that will play a major role in the upcoming 2016 election. Warren, lashing out at her own party's system, said the superdelegates should not be able to "sway the election."

Today's WBSM Poll Question asks you: Do you agree with Senator Warren or not?

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