While everyone else took off for the beach or the family cookout over the 4th of July weekend my wife and I headed north to Fenway to see the SOX and hopefully a piece of history as Big Papi slays the record books in his final season.

Finding RED SOX tickets on game day, especially ones that you can afford has always been a challenge....until now.  My son recently introduced me to RED SOX Replay, a web site that is backed by the SOX for people with legit tickets to sell to games they cannot make it to.  Ticket prices are affordable and if you shop around you can find some really decent seats.  We grabbed up a pair between the third base line and left field for like $55 dollars a piece.  Nice seats.

Fenway Park is a great place to visit during the Summer months and a great way to send Papi off in style, but if you can't make it to the game remember we have all of the games all season long right here on 1420 WBSM!

Barry J Richard