The much-anticipated arrival of spring on March 19 brought a sigh of relief to Massachusetts and Rhode Island. While many hope for warmer temperatures and budding flowers, a different reality looms:

The possibility of a spring snowstorm.

ABC6 meteorologist Cecy Del Carmen has been closely monitoring conditions. She said there could be a shift from the expected bright and warm transition to spring to a reminder of winter.

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"The potential for snow is there," Del Carmen said. "Friday night into Saturday morning, there's more of a possibility along the interior (of Massachusetts) and well north of New Bedford."

What exactly is spring snow and why does it hold such significance in the minds of those eagerly awaiting the arrival of warmer weather? Spring snow refers to snowfall that occurs during the transition period between winter and spring, typically in March or early April. It represents a clash between the lingering cold of winter and the welcoming warmth of spring, often catching residents off guard and challenging their expectations of seasonal change.

Del Carmen said that while snow could accumulate initially, particularly in northern Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, it is likely to transition to rain, washing away any traces by mid-morning.

Let's not forget that we live in New England. This is completely normal.

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