With the weekend storm in the rearview mirror, the one thing no one is talking about is just how happy (or scared) our pets were about the first snow of the year.

While it wasn't terrible everywhere and certainly not as bad as other parts of the state, he SouthCoast got hit with some heavy snow. As long as you were inside and off the roads, it was a cozy snow day.

Especially for my dog Bella. But she's not the only one.

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Snow seems made for dogs. Picture a winter wonderland and, in the midst of it all, a pack of happy dogs living their best lives, their furry coats covered with glistening snowflakes. Barks and yips fill the air.

With tongues lolling and tails wagging, our beloved pets chase the falling flakes. Paw prints litter the fresh powder as they race around, leaving behind a trail of pure, unbridled joy. The cold doesn't bother them.

Diving into snowdrifts, their noses turn white and their whiskers frosty. Each leap is a celebration of life, each roll in the snow an expression of unfiltered happiness.

I could pay tribute to dogs in snow all day but your pictures tell the story, too. Take a look at these SouthCoast pups having the time of their lives.

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