The past few mornings on the SouthCoast have been quite cold, with a few flakes even falling in some areas. So, does that mean we might actually have a white Christmas this year?

As the Farmer's Almanac experts told us back in August, winter in New England is expected to be much snowier than it was last year.

But will some of that snow come our way before Christmas?

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As we get closer and closer to the big day, more accurate predictions on weather patterns can be made. In the Farmer's Almanac's most recent long-range forecast stretching through the new year, there is a chance for some real snow across New England.

The almanac came right out and said, "New England is on track to see a white Christmas." Sadly, that prediction ended with, "in the mountains, but not in the foothills and along (Interstate 95).”

Families heading north for the holidays are almost guaranteed to see snow on Christmas Day.

For us staying around the SouthCoast, things are not that white and fluffy.

Although there will be precipitation, the shoreline is expected to stay too warm for snow, so we're likely in store for a cloudy and presumably rainy Christmas Day, according to the long-range forecast.

There is still an outside chance temperatures will drop low enough for that rain to be snow, but even Vegas oddsmakers only have Massachusetts at a 20% chance of a white Christmas.

New Year's Eve could be a different story, however. The long-range forecasters tell NYE partygoers to be careful and plan on a mix of rain and snow as the ball drops this year.

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