Here we are again, another 90 degree day on the SouthCoast, and we haven't even hit July yet.

Tuesday morning on Michael and Maddie, we talked about different jobs people on the SouthCoast have that are particularly affected by this heatwave.

We had Bino check in from In-House Custom in Fairhaven to show us the work he was doing shingling the back of a garage. You can almost feel the heat coming from the photo, and this was taken before 9 a.m., before the heat really kicked in.

Nae from Fall River told us about her boyfriend who was busy loading up Rhode Island Novelty tractor trailers with the things that will be sold this weekend at different amusement parks.

"The trailers have no air conditioning and the guys are baking in the sun," she said. "He comes home from work soaking wet at the end of the day." That's why hydration is the word of the day, people.

Nick in New Bedford said one of the toughest jobs to do during a heatwave is working behind the scenes at a restaurant. Whether it is washing dishes or working as a line cook, a restaurant kitchen is hot any time of the year, never mind when it is 90 degrees outside.

We took a ride around the SouthCoast this afternoon to scope out some of the hottest places to work during the heatwave. In no particular order, these are just a few of the places we came up with.

What did we miss? Let us know. Better yet, snap a picture of your workplace and send it to us on the Fun 107 app, and we'll add it to the list.

The SouthCoast's Hottest Jobs During a Heatwave

When temperatures soar above 90 degrees, most of rush to turn on the air conditioning at work. But some don't have that luxury. Here are some of the toughest jobs to have during a SouthCoast heatwave.

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