I have been commenting lately about how weird some segments of the Democrat Party are and the way it may impact the 2018 elections. 

The New York Times ran an in-depth story on August 20 on the electoral scene in Pennsylvania. The crux of the article was the reality that some Democrats find their party weird and too radical, but they are not abandoning the party they believe in and to which they have an historical link.

Donald Trump was the first Republican in decades to win Pennsylvania's Electoral College votes. He won by a very narrow margin, but he won, and it was a serious change in the math of the Electoral College. Much of Trump's victory came because of his stances on trade and illegal immigration. Trump's vocal support for people's right to own firearms and his promise to support military veterans also contributed to his winning coalition in the Keystone state.

The NYT points out that Congressman Conor Lamb, a Democrat who was elected recently in a special election, is running in a district that the president won by 20 points in 2016. Rep. Lamb is campaigning on labor rights, economic fairness and gun rights. He is running on the issues that resonate with the people who voted for Trump in 2016.

Lamb is also campaigning on replacing San Francisco Democrat Nancy Pelosi at the leader of the Democrats in the House. Get rid of Pelosi, support the National Rifle Association and don't attack President Trump is the platform of this Northeast Democrat in 2018.

There are Democrats who are running for office in 2018 that understand their party is too weird for main street America. They cringe at the idea that Maxine Waters, a loudmouth who supports violence, and cop killers like Assata Shakur, who is hiding out in Communist Cuba, will be the chair of the House Financial Services Committee.

The Democrats in swing districts know it isn't palatable to have a man in a dress as their nominee for the governorship of Vermont. Mainstream Democrats don't want to campaign as socialists or explain why they have leaders in their party who are champions of imposing socialism on America.

The average Democrat doesn't want a person who raises money for the Communist Party to be a leader in the House. But that is what will happen if Rep. Barbara Lee is elected as the chair of the Democrat's Caucus in the House.

The majority of Americans support their local police and won't support candidates who attack their police officers. Most Americans oppose illegal immigration and won't vote for candidates who attack law enforcement and defend illegal aliens.

Democrats in the heartland of America are realizing their party might have become too weird to earn the trust of the voters--many of whom have been with them since FDR and JFK.

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