The Democratic party has an opportunity to make some electoral gains in the midterms, but they are hurting their efforts.

The media has been gushing about a “Blue Wave” that would sweep the Democrats into power in Congress. The new House under the Democrats would be able to launch more investigations into the Trump administration, and even impeach the duly-elected president for…well, they will find something. The Democrat-controlled Senate could block all of Trump’s federal judicial appointments and conduct their own investigations. This is the dream of the left and the anti-Trump media.

President Trump has done some great things so far. He ran on jumpstarting the economy, stopping illegal immigration, improving national security, helping veterans and restoring American pride. He put together a coalition of voters on those issues and he has delivered on his promises to them. To win in the midterms, the Democrats have to pry away voters from Trump, as well as mobilize their base to actually vote.

The Democrats are attempting to nationalize the election and make it a referendum on President Trump. That isn’t a bad strategy and it has worked for both parties in the past. However, the Democrats have some weird characters on the ballot across America this year.

The Democrats of Vermont have nominated a man in a dress as their candidate. I don’t care what people do in their personal lives, but most people find a man in a dress a joke. Comedian Milton Berle and Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani have both worn dresses to get a laugh from the public. But I don’t think most people want a joke as a national leader.

What will Democrats running for office in more conservative states say when asked about their fellow Democrat running in Vermont? Democrats in states like West Virginia, Missouri, Montana and Pennsylvania are trying to thread the needle and pull off a victory in states carried by Trump in 2016. If they don’t embrace their fellow Democrat from the Green Mountain State, they risk being attacked and abandoned by the leaders of their party. On the other hand, there are lots of people in America that find a man in a dress off-putting.

And then there is California Congresswoman Maxine Waters. She is, at the age of 80, a powerful member of the Democratic Party leadership. If the Democrats win control of the House, she will be the chairperson of the House Financial Services Committee. She has a documented record of supporting cop killers, the Cuban communist dictatorship, and the use of violence and intimidation. Voting for a Democrat challenging a Republican is voting to give Maxine Waters control over legislation that impacts every aspect of the American economy.

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