President Barack Obama says no act of terror can match the strength and character of the United States. He says, quote, ``Nothing can ever break us.''

Obama spoke at the dedication in New York for the National September 11 Memorial Museum. He said the museum tells the story of 9/11 so that future generations will never forget.

Obama said it's a moment to reflect on the true spirit of 9/11 and enshrine it forever in the nation's heart. He said that spirit encompasses love, compassion and sacrifice.

Obama praised the men and women who helped save lives in the attack, including those who gave their lives in the effort.

He said the deceased live on in us and in their friends and families.

photo by John Munson-Pool / Getty Images
photo by John Munson-Pool / Getty Images

9-11 survivors, family members, and first responders also spoke, telling their stories in the museum's Foundation Hall, 70-feet below at the bedrock of the Twin Towers.

The survivors staircase, a piece of one of the planes, photos and remembrances of the victims are just a few of the items and artifacts featured.

Relatives, survivors and first responders have the next six days to tour the museum until it officially opens to the public next Wednesday.

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