Ethel and Julius Rosenberg are convicted traitors. They supported Russia's military goals against the United States. They gave atomic secrets to Russia.

If you are a hardcore supporter of Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Edward Markey, you should stop reading this now. You won't like what you read. You will reflexively defend them.

However, if you have the courage to read their own letters written on behalf of the Rosenberg rehabilitation project, you will find yourself in a bind. Does treason matter? Can you support someone for elected office who has used their official position and resources to advocate for traitors?

It is important to tell you, supporters of Warren and Markey, that President Barack Obama rejected their outreach. President Obama didn't pardon Ethel Rosenberg for her actions in support of the dictator Josef Stalin and communist Russia. President Obama didn't pardon her because Ethel Rosenberg was guilty.

There is a nonprofit in Massachusetts that uses taxpayer funds to advocate for the rehabilitation of communist traitors. It is called the Rosenberg Fund for Children and it is run by the children and grandchildren of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg. It is hard work and at least some family members draw a salary for the work they do to rehabilitate the reputation of the lying filthy traitors that gave them life while working to deny life to others who stood in the way of Russia's imperialist goals.

The two Massachusetts senators are joined by Angela Davis in this campaign to exonerate the Russian agent. She is famous for being on the FBI's Most Wanted list and as a candidate for Vice President of the United States on the U.S. Communist Party ballot line.

Here is the letter Senator Edward Markey sent to President Obama: Markey Letter

Here is the letter Senator Elizabeth Warren sent to President Obama: Warren Letter

The campaigns to exonerate Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were crucial to Russia. The KGB and the other intelligence arms of Russia dedicated a tremendous amount of their "active measures" resources to the campaign.

President Donald J. Trump and the Republican Party will have fun with these letters.

If you see Sen. Warren in New Hampshire or Iowa or South Carolina, ask her why she would lend her name, on official U.S. Senate letterhead, to the campaign to exonerate a Russian espionage agent.

Ditto Senator Edward Markey when you see him now camping out in Massachusetts.

Remind them that President Obama rejected their appeals to pardon the traitor.

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