They are already accusing Attorney General William Barr of "cherry-picking" from the Mueller report. Without having seen the cover page or knowing the page count, Democrats in Washington are stating, as a fact, that the AG has presented the information inside the report in a way that makes President Trump look as good as possible to the American people.

There is the publicly redacted release and a far less or possibly fully unredacted release for choice Congress members to review. That concession should make everyone feel comfortable, but you know some will next pretend not to believe even the Democrats on that list who will see it all.

For most, collusion will be a third rail. It was properly investigated and debunked.

So, while the really big issue that the American people care about is "Did Donald Trump collaborate with Russia?" a secondary issue, one that the Democrats are now hanging their hat on (and escalating) is, "Did the president obstruct justice?"

I think it seems pretty clear that the elected in Washington have been told enough to know to move on from collusion and to instead focus on the obstructing justice avenue for attack.

Trump, it seems clear, told FBI Director James Comey "I hope you can see your way to clear him," referring to General Michael Flynn's rather concerning—and illegal—lies to the FBI over what was and wasn't said to the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

Flynn asked the Russian to advise the Kremlin to not overreact to a sanction signed by then-President Obama the day before (Dec 29, 2016) this meeting took place. The sanction was in response to the discovered meddling in the US elections.

Flynn was charged with lying about making the request and then lying about whether or not he recalled Ambassador Kislyak's answer.

The FBI is alleging that Flynn asked Kislyak to “delay the vote on or defeat” a pending UN Security Council resolution and later received a response to his request. The UN resolution condemned the Israeli West Bank settlements. So Flynn's alleged request to the Russians fell on deaf ears. The Council voted 14-0.

The Obama Administration did not veto the vote, instead providing the security council with an odd abstained vote.

A national security council advisor to the President-Elect was trying to nudge the Russian-American relations into a different philosophy, but it is clear it didn't work here.

Flashback to March 2012, when President Obama, in presumed secrecy, was caught with his microphone on as he whispered to the Russian ambassador his plans to dupe the American people until after the elections in November:

While he didn't lie to the FBI over it, it seems the media is a bit capricious over what is and isn't an outrage when dealing with the Russians over policy in secrecy, and more importantly, in contrast to his public utterances made to garner votes.

Another rather sizable wrench in the gears of derailing President Trump is the emerging story of President Obama's White House Counsel (2009-2010) Greg Craig, arrested earlier this month. Craig has been charged by the Mueller investigators of concealing and falsifying material facts relating to the investigation's inquiry into Foreign Agents Registration Act.

An Obama and Clinton White House attorney, Craig was originally investigated for an alleged FARA violation, but he was charged with other crimes after the statute of limitations on FARA expired in his case.

Investigators say Craig didn't want to register as an agent for a foreign government, as it would likely preclude him from any position in government in the future.

Even though the Obama Administration's Department of Justice investigative unit in 2013 caught Craig hiding material information of a scheme to manipulate the media by the Ukrainian (pro-Russian) government, they later excused the crimes and miraculously changed course In 2014. "Having been misled by Craig," the indictment says, the unit reversed its decision, determining that Craig did not need to register as foreign agents.

Please compare this to how the same DOJ treated Paul Manafort, charged with almost identical things.

Collusion is dead in the water. Democrats will plod forward still, and that is going to slowly discredit them as November 2020 approaches. Congressman Adam Schiff is still claiming he has seen and possesses today evidence of this collusion, even while the Mueller Report cleared him of any.

Apparently, he and former CIA Director John Brennan have not shared all that they were supposed to share with Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. They couldn't have, since Mueller "saw no collusion evidence." They know, though. At least, that's their story and they're sticking to it.

That's enough for now—the talking heads will be exploding today, and I want to watch this very closely.

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