Professor Ken Manning, head of the UMass Dartmouth Political Science Department, offered some lively opinions this week on Townsquare Sunday. Professor Manning is a periodic guest on the program, offering thoughts and observations on the national political scene.

Manning said former President Donald Trump will probably avoid any criminal indictment for his role in the January 6th violence at the U.S. Capitol, but the former president will likely be indicted by the Justice Department for allegedly having classified documents in his possession at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

"I think this case poses a very serious legal risk to the former president, and I think the Justice Department will indict Trump on the documents matter," Manning said.

Manning added that the facts are quite clear and Trump has no argument to justify his actions.

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House January 6 Committee Holds Hearing To Present Findings
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As far as the January 6 Committee goes, while the committee findings may not result in indictments, Manning said their investigation was absolutely worth it.

"The truth is now known. What happened here was criminality at the highest level by the President of the United States in an illegitimate attempt to undermine a legitimate election," Manning said. "That is profoundly disturbing if you are a supporter of democracy."

Professor Manning also shared some thoughts on the November 8 election, predicting the Demorats will lose seats in the House (up to 25) and perhaps the Senate. He said it's not surprising because the party in power usually takes a hit during midterm elections.

The complete Townsquare Sunday interview with Prof. Manning can be heard here:

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