Senator Elizabeth Warren is gaining momentum at the halfway mark of the primary marathon. Joe Biden is being exposed for making the most of his opportunity as President Obama's vice president. They now rightfully (and cleverly) call him "Quid Pro Joe."

The former frontrunner is now going to have to draft and lag behind Warren's lead and hope she screws up. Well, I think for when she screws up. She is on the campaign trail with growing crowds and more press coverage, but the things she says now will be viewed much differently if she escapes the Democratic primary to face President Trump.

For example, she is both feet in the (rising) water when it comes to climate change and the "12 years left to live" nonsense. The existential hyperbole that she parrots and promulgates to this silly group of people who closely resemble Grateful Dead groupies makes no sense to me when you look at her chief concern this week.

No, it's no longer Russian collusion. That is no longer useful to her. Not ISIS, al Qa'eda, trade, or climate change, nor free college, healthcare, food, and, well, free everything. Nope. Her biggest concern this week is the ominous and sinister problem of which she is now obsessing over: Facebook.

Sure, she's worried about life on Earth ending before 2040. Trump must be stopped! College costs are out of hand! But Facebook has no competitors, everyone! And she boasts that she  has the "courage to stand up to Zuckerberg." I'm going to guess that Carolyn Kennedy nominates her for the Profile in Courage award.

By the way, I'm very sure my seven-year-old daughter Elena (a white belt with an orange stripe in Tang Soo Do) has the courage to do battle with Mark Zuckerberg.

But if Warren truly believed that climate change is "bearing down on all of us," why isn't she creating bills to finance evacuations from the ocean fronts to higher ground and building sea barriers along with key parts of our coasts?

Dude, where's our safe zones?

We've got just 12 years to live! This is about as good as it gets for unions and job security because if they start now, it will be 14 years before they finished.

Why the bleepity-blip does Senator Warren care about paying for all those student loans in 2020?

Shouldn't she be steering taxpayer funds to finance the ginormous space station that will be needed to escape the ravages of the SUV?

She has called the police shooting death of a young black male, Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri a "murder."

A U.S. Senator has called the officer involved in the shooting a murderer. A white policeman, Darren Wilson, was let go from the police department there for no other reason than to appease the violent radicals who, following the shooting, terrorized the city night after night and don't care one iota that Wilson did nothing wrong.

The terrorist group Hamas joined the hordes of rioters, teaching them how to defend against police tactics, tear gas etc., while they burned parts of neighborhoods to the ground – particularly white-owned businesses.

The Obama Justice Department, led by Attorney General Eric Holder, sent a large team of FBI investigators and other Justice Department experts out to Ferguson, with every intention of prosecuting Wilson, who was not prosecuted by local authorities upon their conclusions of the event.

The end result was that Officer Wilson did nothing wrong. These were the findings of the Justice Department:

Officer Wilson defended his life when Brown, a suspect in a nearby robbery, was confronted by Wilson who observed Brown, an 18-year-old man fitting the description. Brown was 6'4", 292 lbs.

He and his accomplice and friend Dorian Johnson attempted to flee from Officer Wilson (28 years old, 6'4", 210) until Brown stopped. Johnson's account was that Brown turned around with his hands up, yelling "Don't shoot!"

Johnson said Wilson got out of his cruiser and drew his sidearm, which frightened Brown, who then fled only to be shot in the back. The FBI was able to locate numerous credible witnesses (all black) who made a consistent account of what actually transpired and was consistent with Wilson's report.

They specifically said Brown stopped but then turned around and charged toward the police cruiser driven by Wilson. First, there was a struggle to keep the door closed, which Brown won and once in the car, Wilson and Brown were fighting for Wilson's firearm, a Sig Sauer P229.

Wilson had marks on his face and arms consistent with his characterization of the struggle. Brown's DNA was found on Wilson's pants, the door handle and on Wilson's gun. No shots were found in Brown's back by the coroners, local and federal.

He was found innocent of any wrongdoing yet fired based on nothing but the demand for "justice" for Brown and his family.

Senator Elizabeth Warren calls now-former officer Wilson a "murder." The man's life has been destroyed by the likes of people like Warren. She is unconscionable.

As my colleague at WBSM Chris McCarthy pointed out in his article, another maniacal concern and priority for Warren to accomplish before the "end times" is to get a presidential pardon for the traitorous spy Ethel Rosenberg, who stole the highly classified designs to the atomic bomb from the United States and sold it to the Russian communists.

So, when it comes to fake Russian collusion, she is fine feigning outrage, but real Russian collusion, she is quite sympathetic for those caught. Rosenberg was executed, quite rightfully, for the single most disastrous act of espionage the world will ever likely know.

Warren tried to get President Obama to do a last-minute pardon of Rosenberg in a letter on January 10, 2017, with just 10 days remaining in the Obama era. Thankfully, President Obama found the request far too radical and tossed the letter; Senator Markey's too, three days later.

So swing away, Liz! I can promise you this much: if you somehow don't blow this very fragile campaign of yours (and it is a hair from collapsing), you will face President Trump, who will call out this silly, illogical and hysterical platform of yours and thankfully, there are not enough lefty lunatics to carry you across the finish line.

I am going to predict that you most certainly will do something to bring your campaign to a screeching halt faster than Howard Dean can belt out a "Yiaaa!"

Ken Pittman is the host of The Ken Pittman Show on 1420 WBSM New Bedford. He can be heard Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon. Contact him at The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.

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