We are living in unprecedented times. The entire world is going through something major right now, and we're all trying our best to get through together. On more than one occasion, I've heard my mom say something like, "We should be writing things down," or "We'll want to look back someday and know what we were doing and what was happening around us." The truth of that matter is, we are too close to it right now and don’t realize how these little moments will one day shape our entire existence. No one truly knows what the future holds and memories aren't as reliable as we like to think. So, write it down. Have some type of written account of what you and your family are experiencing through the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. For families with little ones in the house, they can participate too.

The days might seem even longer trying to find ways to fill the time and make sure they complete schoolwork. You don’t want them staring at a screen all day, so you hunt for activities that they can easily do on their own, screen-free. They might not fully understand what’s happening, but it doesn’t make their account of what they are feeling any less important.

Natalie Long is a graphic designer and mom from Canada. She created "My 2020 COVID-19 Time Capsule" worksheets as a way for her now eight-year-old daughter, Olivia to keep track of what is happening day-to-day. Long shared the worksheets on her Facebook page, making them available to the public. The 11-page document consists of various activities like interviewing parents, listing favorite foods, and writing a letter to themselves.

Long wrote on Facebook that “we are all living through history right now and I thought a ‘time capsule’ would be an amazing way to document this experience to look back on, these worksheets were created by me for my family but I wanted to share with all my fans!”

You can download the PDF HERE, print as many copies as you wish and work with your child to fill in the sheets.

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