We all know 3-year-olds. They tend to know what they want and what they don't.

Meet 3-year-old Jack Perocchi. Like most kids his age, Jack really enjoys playing with his toys and getting books read to him. He has begun to integrate Bluey into his daily routine but is still unsure about the accents on the popular show.

One thing Jack is quite sure about is his dislike for dinner, especially when it conflicts with other, more preferable activities.

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Reminded of dinner one night, Jack had other thoughts.

"It's time to watch the blue guy," he said, referring to Bluey. "I'm gonna watch."

The Best Argument Against Dinner That We've Heard to This Point

When Jack's mother corrected him and told him that they would watch TV after dinner, Jack flatly retorted with, "That not how it works."

He wasn't done. Next, he threw in a harsh opinion about the idea of a mandatory meal.

"You know what's mean?  Dinner!" he declared, apparently trying to stir up the crowd with propaganda against the evening meal and testing the waters for a revolution that could overturn the institution across America.

"He's 3 going on 33," Jack's mother Beth said. "People have suggested I start up a TikTok to share all of the hilarious things he says.  Part of me wants to, but I'm afraid those things can become all-consuming. I'd hate to think of asking him to be on camera when he doesn't want to or, even worse, endorsing something."

For the record, Jack lost his dinner battle with his mom that night but was able to catch Bluey, as promised, after dinner.

Little kids, little problems.

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