About a year ago, someone posted a photo on Reddit and pointed out that her daughter's Christmas gift really was quite the "surprise" when dropped into cold water. The doll was wearing a very adult, risqué outfit only visible when ice cold. Many people chimed in but the hype sort of died there because mostly people just wanted to argue over whether or not a doll should have anatomical parts.

But the LOL Surprise doll drama is making the rounds on Facebook again after mom Hilary Williams put her daughter's toys into an ice bath – while capturing it all on video – to prove the clothes magically appear once cold. Like anyone else who saw the video, we gathered up our LOLs and filled a bowl with water immediately to see the LOL super surprise for ourselves.

Here's what happened:

Some of the dolls had painted-on clothing, and there was no change to those dolls' bodies after being submerged in the ice-cold water. Two of the dolls were bare when their doll clothes were removed. Four of the dolls did not change at all. One of the dolls, true to the rumors, had some interesting marks appear on her little doll body after only a few seconds in the cold water.

Kristen Pacheco/Townsquare Media

At first, this particular doll seems innocent enough with the seashell top. It's not that strange and I had several Mermaid Barbies growing up with the same thing. However, I'm not a fan of the scalloped turquois thong or the thigh-high tattoo of an anchor. Call me old-fashioned, but G-string bikini bottoms are not appropriate for girls young enough to be playing with these dolls.

They're made by MGA Entertainment, which also owns the oversexualized Bratz Dolls brand. For reference, this particular doll was made in 2017.

Kristen Pacheco/Townsquare Media

Parents already have made their case about the dolls and their inappropriate outfits over the years and this new secret outfit will undoubtedly add to their disdain for the toy. No surprise here, but I won't be buying any LOL Surprise Dolls as gifts this Christmas.

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