What do you do when the crowd demands more and there simply isn't anymore? Why you improvise of course.

Someone in marketing for Popeyes came up with an idea for a new chicken sandwich in hopes of drawing customers in the door as the fast-food wars rage on. The problem is the sandwich was a hit. It was such a hit that it caught Popeyes by surprise and the New Orleans-style chicken chain ran out of the supplies to keep up with the demand. As a result, the campaign has been temporarily put on hold.

Or has it?

With fans of the sandwich in chicken withdrawal mode and fearing perhaps a hit in the revenue department, another Popeyes marketing genius has come up with an idea that keeps Popeyes and Chickenmania alive for now. The company has rolled out "BYOB," as in "Bring Your Own Bun." Say what?

Through a marketing campaign, the chicken sandwich faithful is urged to bring their own bun to Popeyes and order the three-piece chicken tender meal and make their own Popeyes chicken sandwich. Brilliant! The only problem is the self-made chicken sandwich does not come with sauces or a pickle. I suppose you can bring your own condiments from home, too.

Popeyes is promising the return of the chicken sandwich, though it won't say just when. You know there will be lines when it does.

Anything is possible in America if you are creative. The late Walt Disney said, "If you can dream it, you can do it." It worked for Walt and apparently it's working for Popeyes, too.

That is what I love about America. Go Popeyes.

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