Anyone who has been to Chick-fil-A knows that the “Line Busters” are the unsung heroes of the fast-food service industry. These angels meet you at your car to take your order so the long line can move along as quickly as possible. Because even with having two lanes, people will wait forever and a day for a taste of those holy chicken sandwiches.

Well, one of my coworkers caught another fast-food joint take a page out of that book to keep customers happy while picking up their morning coffee. The Dunkin' in Fairhaven now has a “Line Buster” similar to the one you’ll find at Chick-fil-A. The gentleman told my coworker that they are the only store in Massachusetts who has this right now.

As the state saw its phased reopening plan gradually take place, many people first commented on how long the lines were to grab breakfast at Dunkin' or another coffee shop. Even my own boss gave up on trying to get a coffee before heading to the office one day because he didn’t have a hope or a prayer making it through that line and back on time. To see Dunkin' adopt this mode of operation is pretty cool.

So, thank you to the “Line Buster” who helped my coworker get her caffeine fix this morning. And for helping her get to work on time. I know your efforts are appreciated all over Fairhaven.

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