Dartmouth Police have requested a hearing before a clerk magistrate in the case of a nail salon employee accused of secretly videotaping a woman while she was using the salon's restroom.

Fall River resident Nam Trang, 31, is the alleged suspect in the case, Dartmouth Police announced today in a press release. However, no charges were announced. A woman had filed a complaint with the Dartmouth Police Department last month.

In certain cases involving misdemeanors, a show cause hearing may be held before a  District Court clerk magistrate to determine if there is probable cause to believe that a suspect committed a crime.

The alleged victim in the incident had posted to Facebook that she visited Fantastic Nails & Spa on Friday, January 31. She said she asked a male worker if she could use the restroom, but was told to wait a minute. She alleges the man went into the ladies’ room and came out shortly afterward saying, “It’s all set.”

She then alleges that she saw a video recording device in the form of a cell phone in a bag peeking through a "perfectly cut hole." The woman said she approached the man about the camera and he said he “forgot” it in the restroom.

Police at the time said they were conducting an active investigation. Det. Kyle Costa said today that no further information would be released at this time.

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