DARTMOUTH —A Dartmouth nail salon is the site of an active police investigation after a woman reported she was secretly videotaped while using the restroom.

Dartmouth Police issued a press release Saturday stating the department “is actively investigating an incident in which a female patron alleged that she was secretly videotaped while in the restroom at Fantastic Nails, located at 436 State Road.”

The supposed victim in the incident posted her account of the events on Facebook, stating she was “sexually violated” when visiting Fantastic Nails & Spa on Friday, January 31. She alleges that while she was getting her nails done, she asked a male worker if she could use the restroom, but was told to wait a minute. She alleges the man went into the ladies’ room and came out shortly afterward saying, “It’s all set.”

She then alleges that while using the toilet, she saw “a camera looking at me through a perfectly cut hole.” She said inside a bag next to the camera hole, she found a cell phone that she assumed was part of the filming process.

The woman said she then approached the employees about the camera and the phone and alleged that the “Asian man” with “longer hair” that is “usually sitting in the second chair when you walk in” said that the phone was his and that he “forgot” it in the restroom.

via Facebook
via Facebook

Police said the investigation is open and ongoing, and that more information would be released when available.

WBSM News reached out to Fantastic Nails on Saturday, but the person who answered the phone said he had no comment.

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