Responding to citizen complaints of suspected drug activity, Wareham Police carried out a search warrent in an apartment on Vernal street this week in the Swift's Beach section of town. 

Police arrested two occupants, and recovered quantities of prescription medication pills, crack cocaine, plus $473  in cash, and drug paraphenalia, including a digital scale. 

Wareham Police photo - Janice Freeland

Arrested was 42 year old Shawn Poppish (above) and 56 year old Janice Freeland.  Both are charged with possession of illegal drugs with intent to distribute. 

Two other men, 30 year old Michael Miranda of Wareham and 55 year old Joseph Ravalese of Harwich were picked up in the vicinity of the property, and both were charged with possessing illegal drugs. 

All four are scheduled to appear in Wareham District Court.