For those who didn't vote for Donald Trump, this seems to be a particularly bad time to watch the evening news, dozens of 80s, 90s and current movies in which he is either in or referred to.

Even the NCAA championship football game this week in Georgia. He is everywhere. President Trump is, in one way like his predecessor, highly visible. Unlike Barack Obama, Americans who did not favor him mostly kept silent when he was present at a large scale venue (for the most part) and at least had reverence for the office, if not the man. The Donald has to face public scorn from powerful, elected, rich and famous, poor and voiceless and from the couple next door to at least half the country.

Movie star Robert DeNiro swears publicly when speaking about Trump. Romney, McCain, George W. and Jeb Bush and other Republicans break Reagan's 11th commandment not to speak ill of fellow GOP. Rob Reiner, Cher and Michael Moore type with their fists daily, no, HOURLY on Twitter.

Sure some of it is self-inflicted. He's rude from time to time. He's always rude when criticized and seems to find the time as president to go tit for tat with everyone who has ever said anything about him that was unfavorable. He's also armed with a unique mind that seems to have navigated him to unimaginable wealth, while at the same time rendering him incapable to form even complete comments.

He also has a knack for giving insulting nicknames to people based on his sense of humor and vacuum of couth and they seem to stick. Kind of like that guy Elaine hated on Seinfeld, the "Bad breaker-upper".

Still, a fair-minded person would have to agree that the media has gone after him in unprecedented ways in record numbers, as tireless and as relentless as his need to retaliate to each and every negative utterance.

But has President Donald J. Trump been depicted fairly and what is his actual job performance as his first year closes into completion?

He has been called a Nazi, a Nazi supporter by many on the left and for various reasons, some nonsense but the one most left-leaning pundits go to is when the white nationalists rallied in Virginia to protect a Robert E. Lee statue and were met by counter-protesters including Black Lives Matter and other liberal groups.

The statement they use for "proof" is that Trump said there were some also there defending the statue who were not racist and were "nice people". He also said both sides were in need of controlling tempers.

Is Trump a Nazi and a Nazi supporter? He just threatened to pull $280,000,000 from United Nations funding over his pro-Israel position to name Jerusalem as the capital, the most pro-Israeli position the United States has taken since 1948. His daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism with his blessing a few years back. These things don't strike me as something Adolf Hitler might have done.

Some now say Trump, with the help of the Russians, rigged the elections and stole the presidency from Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Democratic Party. As a result, an independent investigation conducted by former FBI director Robert Mueller and his hand-picked Hillary Clinton supporting prosecutors are turning every stone in America to see if it's true. To me, that's a neat trick. They couldn't rig it enough to win the popular vote, a much easier task but were able to thread the needle with an electoral vote victory.

Now, writers are suggesting that Trump didn't want to win the elections but instead "knew" he was going to lose and use the momentum of being close to the presidency for future business ventures. So he "knew" he was going to lose which is why he had the Russians just come in and just name him president with their Twitter and Facebook gypsy voodoo.....but really he just wanted to make money in the private sector instead? Maybe Rob Reiner, Michael Moore or Cher can explain that one to me.

As far as I can tell, the guy is not maybe someone I would pick too, for example, inform a wife that their child is on their way to the emergency room or tell a patient that they have eight-weeks to live etc...after all, he is used to delivering the news of "You're fired!"

But he is also a president who has deregulated many things tied up for years in Washington red tape in each and every state, which now has even the liberal press acknowledging that the economy is stronger than it was the day he took office.

He let the Pentagon do basically everything the Geneva Convention allows, to give ISIS positions no chance to breathe, no chance to escape, to flee. He did what Obama couldn't; he's effectively ended the Caliphate in Iraq and Syria.

As of today, the unemployment rate is boasting a 4.1% and for black Americans, they are also enjoying a record low unemployment 11-months after Rosie O'Donnell's nemesis has taken the oath of office.

The stock market is at a record-breaking 25,300, which helps not just the rich, but those who depend on a performing stock portfolio such as the widows of firemen, teachers, laborers etc.

South Korean president Moon Jae-In credited President Trump for the upcoming talks that North Korea has initiated between the two halves of the fractured nation.

The man talks like a New York builder, hell, maybe even like a Bronx cab driver but, he is performing far better than his detractors would like to admit.

So for millions, his arrogance and his ego are unforgivable turnoffs and seemingly half the nation is hoping he is impeached. However, the other half has come to accept his imperfect Tweets and overall messaging as their taxes are lowered, as they are hired, as their gray-haired relative's pensions perform a bit better these days, as immigration enforcement slows the flow of illegal migrants into our nation and as Islamic terrorism is less frequent in the news.




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