The Fairhaven Police Department just posted this photo on their Facebook page with the caption, "Southern Mass Credit Union had an unexpected customer at the drive-thru asking about the transfer of their “piggy bank” funds. Officer Bougault assisted Fairhaven Animal Control to get the little guy to safety!"

The irony that it was a PIG at the bank is the best part of this story.

Frankly, I'm pretty upset that no one thought to call me to let me know that this little one was quite literally down the street from me and that I should ditch work to see her for myself. For future reference, if a pig (or any cute animal for that matter) shows up at your place of business, your first call should not be to animal control. Call and/or Facebook message me ASAP. Then call animal control after I've been given the heads up. I will be eternally grateful.

***UPDATE: Southern Mass Credit Union has confirmed that "Pepper, who escaped, has been reunited with her owner." Her name is Pepper!!!!! <3

Southern Mass Credit Union / Facebook