BEARD CAP FOR SWIMMERS CUTS ‘FACIAL HAIR-DRAG’: A beard cap has been developed for swimmers with facial hair in order to stop drag. The cap covers the head, then wraps around and covers the mustache and beard area of the face, leaving an opening for the mouth. (UPI)

STUDENT DRIVER’S CAR CRUSHED BY GERMAN TANK: A student driver in Germany pulled out into the road right in front of an oncoming tank! The front of the driver’s car was crushed totaling the vehicle. The estimated value of the car is over $13,000. (UPI)

PANTIES ONCE OWNED BY HITLER’S WIFE, EVA BRAUN, FOR SALE IN OHIO: A man in Ohio is selling a pair of silk panties that were, apparently, once owned by Adolf Hitler’s wife, Eva Braun. He apparently got them from a former military man connected to someone involved in WWII. They come with a certificate of authenticity and are being sold for $7,500. (NY Daily News)

THIEF’S RED UNDERWEAR LEAD’S TO HIS ARREST: An 18-year-old attempted to rob an apartment in NY, but was caught when his red underwear gave him away. In his attempt to escape, a neighbor snapped a photo of the perpetrator with his red underwear visible above his jeans. After canvassing the neighborhood, a police officer noticed someone taking out garbage with red underwear showing above his jeans. They were a perfect match. (ABC News)

DRUNK MAN RAN A FAKE DUI CHECKPOINT: A drunk man in Pennsylvania set up a fake DUI checkpoint complete with road flares. He parked his car across the road, and began checking cars for drunk drivers claiming he was a state trooper. He faces charges including drunk driving, impersonating a public servant and unlawful restraint. (ABC News)