While in most Massachusetts middle schools you might find a set or two of twins, one just graduated an astonishing 23 sets of twins this week.

Pollard Middle School in Needham is a huge middle school that saw 454 students graduate in the class of 2024.

Of that 454, about 10% were twins.

While 10% might not seem like a large portion of a population, this weird accomplishment needs to be looked at on a larger scale.

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According to the CDC, in 2022 across the U.S. there were about 31 sets of twins born in every 1,000 live births. That is an average of 3% of the population being twins in a given year.

Clearly there was something in the water 14-15 years ago in Needham, because their middle school alone has a twin rate triple the national average.

NBC10 Boston visited Pollard Middle recently to talk with some of these sets of twins, who all seem pretty used to all the double vision in their class.

Something they'll have to stat used to, since most of the Pollard Middle School students are transitioning to Needham High School together next year.

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That means we can all expect to hear about these rare classmates again in four years when they graduate high school together too.

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