RYANAIR PASSENGER LEGALLY CHANGES HIS NAME TO AVOID A $336 FEE: Adam Armstrong legally changed his name to Adam West to avoid paying a service fee when the name on his ticket was incorrect. His plane ticket had the wrong last name printed on it because his girlfriend’s stepfather took it off of his Facebook profile which he has labelled “Adam West”. (UPI)

A MAN BROKE INTO A HOME, BAKED A POTATO AND RAKED LEAVES: A woman in New Mexico found a man in her kitchen baking a potato in her microwave. When she asked him to leave, he went outside and started to rake leaves. She managed to keep the man there long enough for the authorities to arrive and arrest him by telling him that she wanted to pay him for his services. (ABC)

MILLIONAIRE GIVES UP HIS FORTUNE TO BECOME A MONK: A man in India with a fortune of about $100 million gave it all up to become a monk. It was apparently his lifelong dream to be a monk and his wife and two children are supporting his decision. (Oddity Central)

A WOMAN’S LUGGAGE WAS RETURNED TO HER COMPLETELY SHREDDED: A woman’s luggage was returned to her on the luggage carousel in a shredded mess. It looked like the luggage was attacked by a lion. The airline replaced it with a cheaper version of the luggage, and a check for $80. The woman is not satisfied. (Happy Place)

LAMPREY FALLING FROM THE SKY IN ALASKA: Eel-like fish called lamprey are falling from the sky in Alaska. People are finding them in the weirdest places not near any bodies of water. Scientists believe that they are being dropped by birds carrying them away for their dinner, then regretting their decision when they actually realize what they have. (Happy Place)