WOMAN PAYS $1,000 TO SAVE 100 DOGS AT MEAT MARKET: A Chinese woman paid over $1,000 to save 100 dogs from being eaten at the Yulin dog meat festival. Sixty-five-year-old Yang Xiaoyun traveled 1,500 miles from her home in Tianjin to Yulin city, where she bought the animals. There has been international outcry about the festival, which has been condemned as animal cruelty. (The Independent)

A DOG IN OKLAHOMA SAVES FAMILY WIH SENSE OF SMELL: A family’s St. Bernard is being hailed as a hero after using its sharp sense of smell to save their lives. She woke them up in the middle of the night to alert them of the smell. The burner on the stove was left on low. The firefighters said that the worst case scenario would have been a giant explosion. (UPI)

WOMAN ARRESTED IN AN AIRPORT WITH COCAINE-FILLED BREAST IMPLANTS: A 22-year-old woman in Columbia was arrested when an X-ray determined that she had recently undergone surgery. When questioned, she said that her implants were filled with an unknown liquid. When they were removed, 3.3 lbs. of liquid cocaine was discovered. (UPI)

ART PIECE GETS A TRAFFIC TICKET: An art display in Germany has been given a traffic ticket. The piece of art is a Mercedes Truck bent up onto a building. The artist is well-known for his use of automobiles and has received a traffic ticket noting a parking violation. (Metro)

A BLIND DOG HAS HIS OWN GUIDE DOG: A blind Jack Russell is guided by his friend…a Bull Terrier. They are best friends and are looking for a new home together. They hate to be apart from each other and become hysterical when they are separated for even a few seconds. (Mirror)

DISNEY’S ANIMAL KINGDOM SELLING FOOD NAMED AFTER ANIMAL ‘POOP’: Disney’s Animal Kingdom has added new food items to its menus that are named after animals’ poops. They are actually desserts made up of various combinations of chocolate and peanut butter. (Inquisitr)