Some weird but true and interesting news stories:

10-MONTH-OLD BABY FOUND FLOATING IN HER INFLATABLE TOY OVER HALF A MILE OFF COAST: A 10-month-old baby was rescued by the Turkish Coastguard about half a mile away from the coast. She was sunbathing with her parents on a beach, when the parents took their attention away from her. She floated away while she was sitting in a floatation device. (UPI)

MYSTERIOUS UNDERTAKER SEEN PADDLING IN A COFFIN IN A LAKE NEXT TO A HOSPICE: A mysterious man dressed as an undertaker has been spotted paddling a coffin in a lake outside of a hospice for the terminally ill. Many people have seen the man and speculate as to who it might be. (Mirror)

CRATER ON A BEACH SHOOTS OUT WATER AND SNAILS LIKE A GEYSER: A section of a beach in the UK has been closed because a crater was found shooting water and snails into the sky. Officials are saying that the incident is due to an act of nature. They are currently monitoring the situation. (Mirror)

JULY 4TH SHOW AT THE JERSEY SHORE CANCELLED AFTER GIANT WAVE WIPES OUT FIREWORKS: The 4th of July show at the Jersey Shore was cancelled after a giant wave washed away the fireworks. Apparently, the display was set up closer to the shoreline than in recent years due to city regulations for keeping spectators back a certain distance. The shoreline has changed in recent years because Hurricane Sandy altered it’s landscape. (ABC)

PHONY HOOKER PRETENDS TO BE COP TO SWINDLE CUSTOMERS: A woman in Florida pretended to be a prostitute and swindled a customer out of his money. She got into his car, and asked for $20 for sexual favors. She then said she was a cop and let the customer go after taking his money. The fake cop/prostitute was eventually arrested. (Gainsville)