WOMAN JUMPS INTO AN ENCLOSURE AT A ZOO AND POKES A CROCODILE: A woman in Mexico jumped into an enclosure at a zoo and began to poke one of the crocodiles. The crocodile snapped at her leg and misses, causing her to fall over. She then ran out of the enclosure sustaining no injuries. She has been banned from that zoo. (UPI)

CONTROVERSIAL ART DEPICTS POPE BENEDICT XVI MADE ENTIRELY OUT OF CONDOMS: A museum in Wisconsin is defending its decision to display a portrait of Pope Benedict XVI made entirely out of 17,000 colored condoms. The artist said that he is not attacking the former Pope, but making a statement about world leaders and public health. (UPI)

MAN LETS MONKEY PAINT ON HIS BACK, THEN HAS RESULT PERMANENTLY TATTOOED: A man from Germany let a monkey paint a random pattern on his back and had an artist permanently tattoo the result onto his skin. Underneath are the words “Human dignity is inviolable." (Mirror)

A WOMAN GIVES BIRTH IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WOODS AND SURVIVES FOR 3 DAYS: A woman in California started to feel contractions so she decided to drive herself to the hospital. She got lost on a backroad and wound up giving birth to her baby in the backseat by herself. She then spent 3 days in the woods, fought off bees, and even started a fire using hairspray. Authorities were able to spot the fire and come to their rescue. (Mirror)

TEENAGER PULLS A FOUR-INCH CENTIPEDE OUT OF HIS OWN EAR: A 14-year-old boy woke up one morning with a lot of pain in his ear and was able to pull out a 4-inch-lonf centipede that had managed to curl up around his ear drum. The mother put it in a bag and drove him to the hospital. Doctors found a few abrasions in his ear where the insect had been crawling. The teen didn’t know how it got in there, but recalls swimming outside recently. (Metro)