The FUN 107 / WBSM staff members are really looking forward to 2017. We each shared one thing on our individual resolutions lists.

Nancy: "Get out of bed before my kid does"

Abby: "Digitally unplug more and put my phone away in a face-to-face conversation."

Bryan: "Join Big Brother Big Sister, or something like it"

Christine: "Scale back on online shopping"

Gazelle: "Start a 401K"

Kasey: "Travel to 3 new places"

Rock: "Kiss my wife goodnight every night"

Kristen: "Drink more water than coffee each day"

Barry: "Lose at least 10 pounds by the end of the year"

Tim: "Be on time for everything"

Taylor: "I'm content right now"

Brian: "Work to become a part-time radio show host for 2018, leaving time for other endeavors"

Phil: "Have a resolution for our list next year"

Happy New Year from all of us!

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