• May the panhandlers on our streets find proper health care and appropriate medications. May the ones who are mentally and physically able to work, seek and find suitable employment. For those who find none of the above; may you find generosity found in the many services in place thanks to both taxpayer and exceptionally generous charitable members of our community. May the winter winds and elements not find you if the shelters are full. May all of you have your faith restored or enriched so that you know there is a God who values you and who did not create you to suffer as you do.
  • May our politicians remind themselves that serving the public to the best of their ability is far more important and righteous than getting and keeping their position in government for the sole purpose of personal gain.
  • May the first responders be safe as they respond to both natural and man-made dangers.
  • May the clergy re-assert their moral high ground and evangelize again in righteousness, especially to the secular poor and those locked in the merciless heresy of lies, who are exceptionally hopeless these days and do desperate things.
  • May God inspire our leaders to pray to him for wisdom and to ask him for our blessings as we bravely face the new year.
  • May the press, protected in our First Amendment, report fairly and cease attempts to lie by both false utterances and through omitting pertinent information.
  • And For President-Elect Trump, may he preside over our government with success to achieve peace and prosperity here first, so we may protect it abroad for more. And may he be more eloquent in future communications to the people, than a food truck driver at a construction site.
  • And to you..yeah YOU; May God keep you safe, healthy, financially stable and encourage you to stay in touch with him as each day brings new challenges, information both good and bad, as well as opportunity to better our little corner of the world.
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