Republican party members are wishing, hoping, basically asking Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren runs for president in 2020.

Be careful of what you wish for. Weren’t the Republicans saying the same thing about President Donald Trump in the 2016 election as an opponent for Hilary Rodman Clinton? Like the Democrats did with Trump, the Republicans are looking at Warren and saying she is unelectable outside of liberal Massachusetts because of her extreme views.

“As a fan of the president, I hope that Elizabeth Warren is the Democratic nominee. That would be a dream come true for us,” said Brian Ballard, a top fundraiser for President Trump and a Florida lobbyist in a McClatchy Newspaper Washington Bureau report.

Here’s why that “dream” could be a nightmare for the Republicans:

Warren can raise money. She reportedly has a campaign account of more than $12 million and liberal donors flock to her and open their wallets. If you are going to run for president in the 21st century the major requirement is to have cash on hand. Warren is running for election to the Senate and her opponents will be spending millions to get her out of Washington, D.C. and she will still outraise them.

Warren is going to be a clear alternative to President Trump’s policies. She is going to pitch herself as a candidate for the middle and lower classes who have been forgotten by the Trump presidency. Get ready for the “she is one of us,” platform.

She isn’t Hillary Clinton. Warren will have her resume on display in the election and get ready for the Native American jokes, but she won’t have the threat of an investigation hovering over her presidential challenge. Warren will be a tough campaigner and will be further hardened by another Senate run.

Republicans will tell you Warren is unelectable because of her progressive views, but that could be the reason why she ends up challenging the Republicans for the Oval Office. Warren’s views are going to appeal to moderates who aren’t getting what they expected from a Trump presidency. Where do the Republicans who don’t support Trump go?

Warren could gather votes from Clinton and Bernie Sanders camps and that would be the difference to push her past Trump or another Republican candidate in 2020.

If the voters in Michigan and Pennsylvania go democratic in 2020, Warren can start to measure the drapes in the White House. That’s why Republicans should be careful about wishing for a Warren run.

(Mike Hardman is the digital managing editor. The opinions expressed here are solely his own.)



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