The press is decidedly left of center and increasingly edging to the far left. Why on earth any Republican or conservative in office would attend the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner is beyond me.

For presidents like Barack Obama or Bill Clinton, the dinners are like family get-togethers. For guys like Donald Trump, it's more likened to the Red Wedding of Game of Thrones fame. So Mr. Trump did the wise thing: he ignored it and stayed away.

White House staffers who attended were ravaged, incapable of doing anything but sitting in their chairs with all eyes on them, as the classless and trashy comedienne Michelle Wolf tore into them one by one, knowing there could be no stopping her. She had the podium and the microphone, while everyone was seated at their assigned tables with meals and drinks in front of them.

At that point, her targets are truly captivated. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders sat just several feet away from Wolf as she had to listen to the insulting remarks about her own looks, her integrity and her boss. Wolf established liberal positions as the higher moral ground on various issues. She also spoke to the apparently hilarious abortion procedure. The humor she found in tearing innocent unborn babies out of the womb, to be disposed, shocked anyone just crazy enough to be pro-life in that room.

Tasos Katopodis
Tasos Katopodis

Not that President Trump has heeded to what is expected of presidential timber in terms of language and manners. But the ugliness from the press is growing beyond what is acceptable. Remarks made by editors, reporters and pundits in print, on-air or through social media show a near complete abandonment of the reasons our forefathers gave constitutionally sacred protections to the press.

The American free press is supposed to keep the public informed of what is happening beyond their own senses. Today, journalism's chief objective appears to be to sway opinion.

There is a clear alliance between the political left and the entertainment industry. Any conservative actor, comedian or musician has to keep their political views to themselves more securely than pro-western Soviet citizens did in 1973. The struggle is real for them.

So why on earth would it make sense to continue the farce that these dinners are all equal opportunity barbs toward the elected and appointed by famed entertainers? Why should those who are despised recognize this event as a "time honored" tradition and feel compelled to go? This annual biased condemnation or veneration dinner should be abandoned by the center and right of center.

Let the liberals have their love fests when they control the White House, but President Trump should not allow any White House staffers to step foot in the White House Correspondents' Dinner. It is enemy territory, and should be regarded as scorched earth.

The Brown Shirts of Hollywood and the fifth-column mainstream media should have seen their last free shots fired at fixed targets at that venue by Michelle Wolf... a fitting surname name for those who she represented

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