Is there just no shame left in Newsville?

When we thought the credibility of the so-called "mainstream media" couldn't possibly sink any lower, it does. And it continues to happen over and over again.

On Thursday, NBC News was forced to admit it had erred by rushing out a story claiming that one of President Trump's personal lawyers Michael Cohen's phones had been tapped in the weeks leading up to the FBI raid on his properties. WRONG! The once proud Peacock Network issued a correction, saying Cohen's calls were not being listened to.

That's fake news. Just print it and worry about the facts later, if at all.

Earlier in the day, while Trump was hosting religious leaders during the National Day Of Prayer ceremonies at the White House, at least one member of the Washington press corps tried to change the subject to Stormy Daniels. Yes, a porn star. How appropriate for a National Day of Prayer event, no? The query prompted a participant to respond, "Shame on you."

There is no more shame in the national press. It is that bad.

Folks, there is only one way to send the mainstream media a clear signal that we have had enough: don't watch their broadcasts, don't read their newspapers, and don't be so quick to repeat their message unless it can be verified.

Whether you support Trump or voted for Hillary Clinton doesn't matter. The media is out of control. This is a problem for all Americans to be worried about. Keep in mind, power and ideology shift in Washington but, the media is a constant.

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